Indian Movies Which Were Caught in Legal Trouble

Bangalore: A brilliant movie loses all its charm if it doesn’t reach the right kind of audience. Promotion plays a crucial role in the success of any movie and controversies are the best way to attract the attention of people in an easy way. Some movies create controversies as a promotional element and some end up in trouble, even if they don’t wish to.


Kamal Hassan, one of the legends in the Indian film industry has always enthralled the audience with his inborn talent and unique movie concepts. His movies are discussed all over the nation, even before months of its release.

Vishwaroopam was one such film which all movie buffs were eagerly waiting for; but it became the hottest topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons. The release of the movie was banned in Tamil Nadu, following protests from Muslim political groups who were agitated with the portrayal of Islamism in Vishwaroopam.

Later on, the controversial scenes were removed and the movie was released in Tamil Nadu.