Bollywood Celebrities Who Took A Stand Against Sexism

Bollywood Celebrities Who Took A Stand Against Sexism

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 01 August 2016, 04:51 Hrs
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BENGALURU: Sexism is something which is not a new thing in this male centric world. And even our bollywood stars are not unknown from the taste of this plague. They probably know it better due to all the attention they receive from every direction. It is a world known fact that celebrities are always under the scanner of media’s spotlight and this fact only ends up increasing the tenfold in the cases of actresses belonging to bollywood.

Turn pages of any showbiz magazine or just switch to any TV channel, and you would surely witness actresses getting victimized within the sphere of sexism, by the most awkward questions. Is she pregnant? Is she dating? Isn’t her attire a bit too revealing? Is she getting work using her body? Is she engaged or married? These are few of the ugly questions which are normally bombarded at celebrity women.

However, our Bollywood divas are awesomely equipped at the knack of turning the table! Just because they get victimized by these sexist remarks, they are not the one to take it lightly, not even a bit.

The top grade actresses of bollywood have been daring enough to call a spade a spade and have openly put up their war of words against the cancer of sexism. Take a look at who said what!

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