American Film Institute Releases the List of 2016's Top 10 Movies

BENGALURU: As we get closer to 2017, we leave behind a bunch of memories and events that has made this past year great. Although, when it comes to cinema, compared to the glory of yesteryears, 2016 hasn’t been great due to unknown reasons. Looking back into 2016, the American Film Institute has officially released the list of top 10 movies that––in every aspect––managed to impress the audience.

The film ‘Arrival’ grabs the first spot, while ‘Fences’ holds the second position, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ in the third, followed by ‘Hell or High Water’, ‘La La Land’ and ‘Manchester by the Sea’ in the fourth, fifth and sixth spot respectively. On the seventh position is the ‘Moonlight’, followed by ‘Silence’, ‘Sully’ and ‘Zootopia’ that grabs rest of the AFI’s list respectively.

The list looks impressive, as the movies enlisted by AFI are from a diverse categories that include the ‘Arrival’––a sci-fi epic, along with true stories such as Sully and Hacksaw Ridge. It also includes the musical wonder ‘La La Land’, Martin Scorsese's period drama ‘Silence’, and family dramas such as the ‘Moonlight’, ‘Fences’, ‘Hell Or High Water’, and ‘Manchester By The Sea’. Last but not the least, crafted with a beautiful storyline, Disney's animated epic ‘Zootopia’ also makes its way to the list.

With the 89th Academy Awards (Oscars) coming up in 2017, we can expect to see some of these epic films to get honored for their exceptional level of talent in the film industry.

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