A Female Superhero Movie On Cards In Spider-Man Universe?

LOS ANGELES: After Marvel introduced a female Thor; Sony is reportedly planning to create a woman superhero movie to add to its Spider-Man universe.

The studio pushed back the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 by two years. The gap will now be filled by The Sinister Six in 2016.

Lisa Joy has been hired to work on the script for the female-centered story, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Sony stable has Black Cat, Silver Sable and Spider-Woman but it is not clear who among these three will get a more prominent role to play.

The studio pushed the release of the third Spider-Man by two years after the second part failed to perform as per the expectations.

Sinister Six, which focuses on the villains of the Spider-Man universe, will instead release on November 11, 2016 with Drew Goddard set to direct.

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Source: PTI