7 Most Violent Movies of Bollywood

Bangalore:  When it comes to commercial movies in Bollywood, action, comedy, thrill and power packed violence are the super hit formulas. But there are some movies that take you through an unpleasant journey and give you goose-bumps. These movies are known to feature extreme violence that portray through brutal murder, physical violence, sexual abuse among many other things.

Below is the list of such violent movies of Bollywood:

1) Bandit Queen:

Year: 1994

Shekhar Kapur directed Bandit Queen which is one of the most violent movies ever in Bollywood. Bandit Queen is based upon Phoolan Devi’s life and was released in the year 1994. The film portrays a true story of legendary female warrior Phoolan Devi and her journey through her life. The title character was played by Seema Biswas in this film and the film faced lot of controversy and censorship because of the depiction of gang rape, extreme violence and rough language.