5 Classic Video Games that Bring Back the Kid in You

"…. If you remember this…..your childhood was awesome" - is one of the most popular memes in the internet world. Who doesn't want to go back to their lovely childhood and bring back rich, sweet memories that made you laugh hard, or had fun with your peers. FLAHSBACK to my childhood, the memories I cherish are the times I used to play WWE superstar cards with my friends, buy chewing gums to get a cricketer's card or Cheetos for a random Pokémon card. Good ol' Days, uh!!

Fast forward five years, guests like Mario, Pac-Man, and Contra came into our era and it was during the early 1990s, the video game era blossomed. Certain studies reveal that games trigger more nostalgia strongly than any other devices or books, because we use more emotions in playing them. Players get that unusual feeling of getting rewarded, chance to feel like a hero which is not often experienced in our non-gaming lives. The 'comfort' you get after playing a particular game stays with you forever as it is stored in our memory lane.

Let's bring back some fond memories classic games that give you goose-bumps: