5 Must Watch Movies For Kids This Summer

2. Taare Zammen Par: Taare Zammen Par is an extremely brilliant and heart touching movie for kids to watch. This movie shows the journey of a 8 year old boy Ishaan Awasthi who is struggling with dyslexia until, he meet his exuberant art teacher - Ram Shankar Nikumbh in his life. Some kids might get sad seeing the movie as the boy in the movie goes through some tough times being pressurized by his parents and the school authorities. But the movie on the whole  is on a positive, optimistic and inspiring note. The movie is not just filled with sad scenes but it has nice tickly songs like “Bum Bum Bole” which the kids will enjoy more. The movie deals with a sensitive issue beautifully and every child will relate to it instantly. This is a must watch movie for your kids this summer.

3. The Blue Umbrella: This is a unique movie that will surely light up your kid’s mood for sure. The Blue Umbrella is based on a novel by Ruskin Bond. It has also won a national award in 2007. The movie follows young Binya, from a small village in Himachal Pradesh who manages to get a blue umbrella after selling off her bear nails to a tourist. After getting the blue umbrella Binya becomes the centre of attraction for the villagers. A local shopkeeper soon gets jealous of her and employs a young boy to steal her priceless blue umbrella. The movie is amazingly fresh with some soothing songs that will make your day!

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