5 Hot Bollywood Actresses Who Should Quit Acting

#4 Jaqueline Fernandez

It is certain that she is hot and she was Miss Universe from Srilanka.  But this is not what continues in the Bollywood industry every time. What about her acting? We need to leave that to the professionals. Jacqueline effortlessly flashed her skin, which is the one concept that is followed in the industry. But it’s time now we wish to see some serious acting skills that would get us back to her next time.

#3 Sonam Kapoor

Her father took the Bollywood industry with some great acting skills. He even charmed us with his cheery smile. He continued the trend with his daughter and we still see him in her. If we honestly wonder, Sonam  Kapoor possesses those mind blowing looks that keep us adoring her. But acting? A BIG FAT NO. We saw her in her endeavor, now we hope to see that she will give up soon. Cheers to that!

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