5 Hot Bollywood Actresses Who Should Quit Acting

Bangalore: Bollywood has seen itself with good number of actors and actresses growing in the industry. Most of them make their way out to the audiences with their super hits and some try their luck at each go. Apart from their successful acting skills what keeps us glared at them is their thought provoking assets that they possess.

Let’s have a look at these five actresses who need to quit acting in Bollywood, as compiled by MENSXP.com.

#5 Katrina Kaif

Good looks can always keep her going and Katrina Kaif is the actual essence of it. Katrina became an instant hit to the Bollywood industry with her chances to partner with the big guns of the industry. She even had Salman Khan as her strong support and even used his influence to reach her zenith. The actress who is known for her Barbie doll expressions can hardly converse in Hindi. Sometimes she is even known for her unusual accents to it. With all her dialogues dubbed till date, this is enough and more a reason to have her shipped outside the country. This includes her sister too!

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