10 Most Expensive Bollywood Actors

Bangalore: India’s entertainment industry is getting BIG now and the ones behind this are our BIG Bollywood celebrities. Many stars are making money to the extremes nowadays, which makes Bollywood the standing out industry. Let’s look at some of the top ten expensive Bollywood celebrities.

# 10 Bipasha Basu

Standing in the tenth position is the Bengali bombshell known for her talented acting skills and beautiful doe eyes. She shows her irresistibility with her dusking beauty and ever charming face. She takes a whopping 2 crore for every film. She is known as the critic’s favourite and the general audience seems to love the diva a lot!

# 9 Katrina Kaif

Even if she is an expressionless character and her Hindi is just too poor, her beauty seems to give a glimpse of freshness seen in her. May be she knows the secret to hook men’s eyes on the screen no matter how abysmal her acting skills are. She takes a whopping 3 crore for every movie and spreads all her charm over the silver screen.

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