Wipro, Qatar Airways Launch IT Solutions For Aviation Sector

Dubai: Indian IT company Wipro, in association with Qatar Airways, has launched a range of information technology products for the aviation industry to enhance the customer service and operational efficiency of the sector.

The aviation-IT products portfolio comprises of two categories of solutions -- enterprise and mobility solutions, a Wipro's statement said on Tuesday.

Enterprise solutions include products for crew management, route profitability analysis, loyalty management, inflight catering, aircraft maintenance planning and crisis management while mobility solutions include products for pilots, cabin crew and flight dispatchers, it said.

The extensive products' portfolio aims to address critical airline business functions, which have a direct bearing on service quality, operational efficiency and strategic decision making, said the statement.

These products provide competitive advantage to an airline through comprehensive functional features complimented by open technology platforms.

Functionally rich and user-friendly, the innovative and technologically advanced products are expected to fill gaps in the IT applications portfolios of many airlines and provide an edge over competitors, it said.

In September 2012, Wipro entered into a strategic partnership with Qatar Airways to research and develop the portfolio by bringing together Wipro's expertise in application management and support, and Qatar Airways' aviation systems' expertise, resulting in new software products for the airline industry.

"These solutions have played a key role in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency of Qatar Airways. Now these already proven solutions can be brought to market and deployed in a variety of means such as licensing or Software as a Service," said Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways.

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Source: PTI