Top 10 Apps Blacklisted in the Enterprise

Bangalore: We all know that the enterprise space is a very wide and vivid arena where trends and new technologies come and go, faster than a bullet train. Of late, this space has spawned a lot of productive trends that eventually has bought-in a new cherished energy among employees, building a better future for each and every company. Yet with lot of advantages, enterprises still are finding it hard to face and overcome the growing reality of having their workforce overrun by gadgets and the security threats associated with these latest drifts. Trend like BYOD is more famous for its heavy bag of insecurities than its pocket full of advantages.

These bumps and obstructions have made businesses to blacklist certain apps as they feel a security risk to corporate information and employee productivity persists.

In a recent survey by Fiberlink, a mobile management solution company, of over 4,500 corporate- and employee-owned devices, around 10 percent of the companies have already implemented policies to ban such apps and the numbers are still growing. So with that said, here are the 10 apps that are mainly deemed as corporate no-nos.

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