Top 10 Apps Blacklisted in the Enterprise


Netflix is regarded as one of the top TV and movie streaming sites in the world, which also is available to its users via apps. The app allows its subscribers to stream shows and movies from its extensive database from anywhere with network coverage or Wi-Fi. Now, when it comes to an enterprise space, using a lot of bandwidth and data is really a big problem.

According to Jonathan Dale, director of marketing at Fiberlink, "there are two main issues with apps like these: bandwidth consumption on the network and running up data plans."

"For example, letting your kids watch videos during a long drive on vacation can potentially cost the company hundreds of dollars," Dale added.


Hoccer is an app where users can do multiple file transfers, allowing them to share pictures, videos, music and contacts, between multiple mobiles and computers. Users only need to drag the appropriate file to another device, with just a swipe of their finger. But what enterprises are concerned is about the data that is being transferred. Just think of a situation where a pissed employee is sending some of the most sensitive corporate data to multiple devices. Disastrous! Isn’t?

"With apps where you can take a file and put it into a cloud-based server that hosts the data, companies are concerned about where corporate data is, or where it could end up," Dale said.

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