SAP Just Gave a Major Blow to IBM, Oracle and Microsoft

Bangalore: SAP has announced that its in-memory database HANA is now compatible to accept and run the software maker’s all business applications. This announcement is certainly a major blow to SAP’s rivals like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft who, according to analysts,  will need several years to achieve what SAP has accomplished.

Elaborating on the accomplishment, SAP has introduced a new technology that allows a single database to perform both business analysis and transactions at the same time. This is the first time that such a technology is being introduced into the main stream. On the other hand, rivals like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft still are able to provide only by using two databases.

"It's the only in-memory DBMS (database management system) that can do data warehousing and transactions in the same database,” said Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg. “That's where it's unique."

The technology is exceptionally advantageous, especially for SAP customers. SAP has proved that customers who use HANA powered applications can speed up their sales process dramatically, as from now onwards there is no need of wasting time on waiting for the information.

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