Saket Modi, The 22 Yr Old Who Saves Govt Agencies From Deadly Hackers

Bangalore: This story of a 22 year old who fabricated his skills and talents for the goodwill of Indian government is truly an inspiring one. So, what is the ‘so’ inspiring part? Well, it’s quite not that common where you get to see a young lad (that too a 22 year old) become the ‘Indian firewall’ for government and other multinational corporate websites. Yes, he is Saket Modi, an ethical hacker and who is also the CEO and co-founder of Lucideus Tech, a Delhi based cyber security firm, reports by Economic Times.

We all know that at school, the board exams are meant to be a hard nut, and like everyone, Modi, in his boyhood days, was also feeling the heat. Swearing that he would not clear the chemistry test, Modi decided to hack into the school computer, with sheer intentions of stealing the question paper. And eventually he became successful.

But guiltiness always has a power to back fire at you and this feel forced him to confess to his teacher about the matter. Instead of being outrageous, the teacher compassionately allowed him to take the exam. This whole scene changed the mind set of Modi, who realized that he could utilize his skills to protect the nation.

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