Open Source into 2013; 10 Predictions

Bangalore: The platform namely open source has undergone a profound revolution in recent years as this unique software stage has proved itself to be so ample and apt primarily because of its support to challenge the characteristics of similar software from other private vendors like Microsoft.

With the year 2013 around the corner, it’s time to recognize the true potential of open source and its associated technologies as analysts and researchers have already predicted that it will dominate the world in couple of years, starting from 2013. So with that in mind, as reported by techrepublic, here is a list of 10 predictions on open source that may turn it into the next big thing in 2013.

#1 Finally breaking double-digits in market share:

With Linux already at 9 percent in terms of enterprise market share, the year 2013 certainly will mould the open source platform to reach double digits. Earlier Linux has typically struggled with the small to midsize market businesses, but in 2013 Linux may finally break into the double-digit barrier for the SMBs, because of the growing discontent with Windows 8 and the rising cost of Microsoft products. 


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