Microsoft-Nokia Deal: 'The Big' Indian Hope

Bangalore: Nokia’s Indian mobile market has always been a boon for the Finnish giant, primarily because of the country’s positive influence and trust towards the company.  Over the years, Nokia had a flourishing business in India and this underlying potential will always give a wide smile on Microsoft, who recently bought Nokia’s devices and services business for $7.2 billion.

Here are some analytical facts that describe why India plays such a pivotal role for Nokia’s position in the global market. Even with Android and iPhone devices posing as strong contenders in the mobile market, Nokia, even after dropping the market shares, took the second spot in India with 13.2 percent share value. Meanwhile, Samsung took the first spot with 13.8 percent.

Nokia’s plant in Chennai is considered as the largest manufacturing facility globally, where Nokia phones are mass-produced not only for domestic market but also to ship them around 150 countries.

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