Meet Sundar Pichai, Google Android's New Spearhead

Bangalore: Another name that India’s illustrious education brand - IIT Kharagpur can boast of is Sundar Pichai. In a much unexpected move that led Andy Rubin to step down from the executive in charge of Google's Android operating system and Sundar Pichai to come in as the replacement, who was in charge of Google’s Chrome Web browser and operating system for lightweight laptop computers, has made Indians across the globe give a standing ovation.

The Rise of Sundar Pichai

Born in 1972, Pichai hails from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. He studied metallurgical and materials engineering from IIT Kharagpur and graduated in the year 1993. Pichai was known to be one of the most obedient and enthusiastic students at the institution.

IIT Kharagpur is always famous for its prodigies that include Arun Sarin, the former chief executive of Vodafone Group, and Vinod Gupta, chairman of U.S.-based venture capital and private equity firm Everest Group LLC.

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