Indian IT Firms Need To Hire More Locals For Onsite Operations: Narayana Murthy

Mumbai: Amidst concerns over the visa curbs set out in the US Immigration Reform Bill, Infosys Chairman N R Narayana Murthy said Indian IT firms need to hire more locals for their onsite operations and that he is not a great fan of running a company based on visas.

"Whenever the economy is not doing well in a country, it is inevitable that the unemployment levels go up. Therefore, the legislators would be concerned about jobs and therefore the countries will automatically take such decisions that may discourage outsiders from impacting the jobs in the country," he said at the ninth Motilal Oswal Global Investor Conference.

He said the "correct model" for the Indian software industry is to have the US citizens and permanent residents selling the company or doing whatever is required for interfacing with customers there.

Indian IT industry had expressed concerns over the visa restrictions set out in the US Immigration Reform Bill that could hit their business hard.

"Indians should add value from within India by demonstrating their wonderful competence in software technology," Murthy said.

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Source: PTI