India, A Country With Tremendous Opportunities And Unique Challenges: Sudhir Tiwari, ThoughtWorks

Bangalore: We know that the Indian market is unique in terms of the constraints and opportunities that it presents. Take the mobile sector for instance, it has a high growth rate, but it also has high retention costs and low revenue per person.  Similarly, the e-commerce sector in India is booming. However, the lack of infrastructure and varied regional buying patterns make the challenges different from the rest of the world.

When it comes to e-commerce and competitive advantage, Agile based systems truly plays a major role. These systems are looked upon as a mainstream development methodology due to the predictable outcomes and extra transparency the process provides. Today, Agile based systems are deployed for software development in all major industry verticals from telecommunications to manufacturing. Most industries use agile development for its ability to react to changing priorities, faster time to market and shorter feedback cycles, giving businesses a competitive advantage.

In an exclusive interview to Silicon India, Sudhir Tiwari, President and COO, ThoughtWorks, shared his valuable thoughts on Agile based systems and India’s role in deploying them.

 “The growth opportunity in India is tremendous, but the challenges here are unique. We work with our clients to identify their strengths, rapidly building new solutions, validating the viability in the market, and incorporating feedback and further ideas in the rapid evolution of the product based on the Indian consumer needs,” said Tiwari.

“Regarding India’s position, Agile has been practiced in India from the early 2000’s.However, Agile gained traction in 2004 - 2005 driven by reduced time to market, innovation, and the need to maintain a competitive advantage. Agile is deployed in India in various sectors like telecom, retail, travel, financial services and global software product companies.”

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