Increase in Wireless Network Problems: Study

Increase in Wireless Network Problems: Study

Bangalore: Wireless communication is a revolution that has brought some essential changes to data networking, telecommunication, and has made integrated networks a reality. Wireless Network basically means any kind of networking that is free of cables or cords. It is a technique that helps entrepreneurs and telecommunications networks to save the cost of cables for networking in specific premises in their installations.

But off late the issues related to wireless network are on the rise as the number of consumers using web services on their smartphones is also increasing exponentially, particularly in the United States, J.D. power and Associates a market research firm in the U.S. says that increasing mobile Web and e-mail usage is causing problems with network performance as reported by Adrew Nusca in

The research firm conducted a study Wireless Network Quality Performance in the U.S. for the first quarter of 2012. The study included key points like messaging, calling and data activity and discovered 10 problem areas in the wireless network.

1.    Dropped calls
2.    Calls not connected
3.    Audio issues
4.    Failed/late voicemails
5.    Lost calls
6.    Text transmission failures
7.    Late text message notifications
8.    Web connection errors
9.    E-mail connection errors
10.    Slow downloads

J.D. Power says that the most problematic area is the data related issues that are growing at the fastest rate. Calling and text messaging problem incident rates remain the same. In the first half of 2011 incidents like mobile Web connectivity, loading performance and errors measured 16 for every 100 network connections, and in the second half period between July and December it increased to 19 for every 100 connections, with low download speed leading the list of problem areas.

The study also reveals that between July and December 2011, the frequency of users using mobile web increased drastically, customers said they connected to the mobile Web or used mobile e-mail 20 times within a 48-hour period.

The U.S. has adopted a new approach to deal with the issues, which is financial incentive would be provided to address the problem. While the wireless carries continue to compete on the basis of coverage, the study says that they also need to work more on the problem areas to increase their efficiency and give maximum customer satisfaction as consumers have shown that they’re willing to spend more for it.