edForce Launches "ElevateEdge" To Create Soft Skill Excellence In The Indian IT Industry

edForce Launches

edForce, a leading workforce upskilling accelerator, today launched ElevateEdge, an initiative aimed at filling the huge gap between the demand and availability of Soft Skills in the Indian IT Industry. This groundbreaking initiative is set to reshape the landscape of professional development in India. Despite investing over Rupees 20,000 Crores annually to upskill its over 60 lakh employees, the Indian IT industry still faces the challenge of providing its employees with much-needed skills.

As per Thirumala Arohi, CLO of Infosys, the increased adoption of new digital technologies and automation would require significant reskilling, and that is reflected in many firms' workplace transformation strategies.

With over 100 Corporate customers, such as Walmart, Infosys, Sony, HP, Dell, Mercedes Benz, Tech Mahindra, Samsung, etc, edForce ElevateEdge has been backed by investors and it’s pilot has been effective in building business communication, dynamic leadership, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and addressing the entire spectrum of business soft skills.

According to Ravi Kaklasaria, Co-founder & CEO of edForce, "ElevateEdge is more than a product; it's an emblem of our commitment to empower individuals and organizations, transcending the boundaries of the upskilling industry. Our vision is to ignite a transformative journey for every participant, propelling India's soft skill ecosystem into an era of unparalleled excellence.

ElevateEdge is a visionary leap into the future of professional excellence, designed to cater to diverse upskilling requirements across various sectors. It offers a holistic approach to soft skill upskilling, empowering workforce and organizations to navigate the dynamic corporate landscape with unmatched finesse.With this innovative leap forward, edForce is set to become a trailblazer, paving the way for a brighter, more skilled workforce.

Source: Press Release