Wipro Proposes Setting Up Of Telecom Equipment Centre

New Delhi: IT major Wipro has proposed to set up telecom equipment and product security test and certification centre, making it operational by October 1.

It has proposed to the Department of Telecom that it will set up the centre in phase manner, segregating the products to be tested in two clusters.

The IT company has classified telecom products in three categories -- High, medium and low asset value, based on the security implication that they can have on network.

"Wipro has recommended phased approach for security testing and certification of Information and Communications Technology products. In phase 1, starting October 1, 2013, Wipro has recommended testing 12 of 25 asset classes that have critical value," a DoT official said.

The company has identified mobile devices, sim cards, network management systems, back-end infrastructure like MPLS, Internet telephony system and billing system among those products that have high risk on the network.

"Wipro would like to be cluster leader for cluster 1, which includes testing and certification of product that can high security risk on network. Wipro is confident that we will be able to get the lab operational for phase 1 by October 1, 2013," the official said.

Wipro did not make available any comments on the issue.

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Source: PTI