Windows Phone OS Posts Largest Growth In Q2 2013: IDC

New Delhi: Windows Phone operating system posted the largest growth among the top five smartphone platforms shipments in the second quarter this year surpassing struggling BlackBerry which dropped to the fourth spot.

The market share of Windows Phone OS rose to 3.7 per cent in the quarter from 3.1 per cent in the year-ago period, while BlackBerry's share declined to 2.9 per cent from 4.9 per cent during the same period, latest data from research firm IDC showed.

"Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year increase among the top five smartphone platforms and in the process reinforced its position as the number 3 smartphone operating system," IDC said in a release.

Windows Phone OS shipments globally rose by 77.6 per cent to 8.7 million units in April-June 2013, against 4.9 million units in the year-ago period.

However, sales of the Canadian handset maker declined by 11.7 per cent to 6.8 million units in April-June this year, from 7.7 million units in the same period in 2012.

"Last quarter we witnessed Windows Phone shipments surpassing BlackBerry and the trend has continued into the second quarter," IDC Programme Manager Mobility Tracker Programmes Ryan Reith said.

However, BlackBerry has shown steady progress since launch of its BB10 platform, which has grown to three models, more mobile operators and a greater presence within its total volumes, IDC said.

"It is still early days for the platform, however, and BlackBerry will need time and resources to evangelise more end users," it added.

In the case of Windows Phone OS, Nokia drove the results with the release of two new smartphones and increasing its presence at multiple mobile operators.

But beyond Nokia, Windows Phone remained a secondary option for other vendors, many of which have concentrated on No 1 platform Android, IDC said.

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Source: PTI