Tyto Software Launches Sahi Pro V6.2.0

BENGALURU: Tyto Software, creators of Sahi OS and Sahi Pro, announced launch of Sahi Pro 6.2.0, yet another powerful version to position itself strongly as a ROI-Driven Web Test Automation tool across areas including Regression Test Automation, Web Services Testing, Data-Driven Testing and others.

Sahi Pro 6.2.0 adds support for internationalized web applications in order to provide more coverage across localized sites without additional maintenance. For cross-browser testing, it adds Microsoft Edge, providing Windows 10 browser support. Maintenance of data in Excel sheets has been made more versatile by adding various new ways of passing partial data from an Excel, allowing disparate data to be in a single sheet.

Sahi Pro 6.2.0 adds a License Server, making it easier for customers to maintain their licenses centrally, as well as for compliance auditing. Sahi Pro Runner, a lighter playback only version of Sahi Pro has been added. It does not consume a concurrent license. It works in tandem with License Server and provides faster playback, and easier deployment.

V. Narayan Raman, Founder and CEO of Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd. said ‘’Apart from the technical enhancements, Sahi Pro 6.2 eases the pain of deployment of licenses across an enterprise and helps adherence to software compliance policies. Multi-language support and Edge browser support both help in more test coverage without added effort."

Tyto Software has been mentioned as a relevant vendor with strong technology in the notable area of Automation in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, December 2015. Sahi has been mentioned as one of the open source tools being used by mature development organizations to automate test across browsers in the Forrester report ‘’Embrace-Don’t Neglect-Mobile Web,’’ October 2015. Also, Forrester report titled “The Forrester Wave™: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2 2015” mentions that Sahi is making in-roads as a cross-browser testing tool. Sahi Pro is used by more than 400 enterprise customers around the world.

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