Top 15 India-Based IT Giants

Bangalore: The Indian market bent to new lows and the increasing economical unrest on a global platform did not heal a part of it. Still given the dampness, it would be worth mentioning that Indian IT exports have managed to grow from 14 percent in the FY10 to 22 percent in FY11 and have almost reached a peak of 29 percent in FY12.
In an annual survey conducted by Dataquest magazine it has been confessed that the fiscal year 2011-2012 or FY12 has been one of the most difficult times for the Indian IT industry. Unlike the year 2008-09 when the international crises were the reason to be blamed, this year the domestic markets have played the blemished part.
The survey that scanned more than 200 of the biggest IT companies in India, the growth despite the market lows has been credited to the flexibility of the Indian IT sector and its ability to adapt into various roles.

Here we list out the 15 companies that were listed top in the survey: