Through the Years: 14 Products that Shaped Apple's Legacy

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Time Span: 1980 – 1984

CPU class: 6502

OS: Apple SOS, Apple Pascal

Development status: Open

Platform size: 2

Apple III was described as Apple’s official entry into the PC market. But the unforgiving market simply let the unit down as it was taunted to be high priced with limited third-party support and a defective batch of early Apple III units. This resulted in the overall death of Apple III.


Time Span: 1983 – 1985

CPU class: Motorola 68K

OS: Lisa OS, SCO, Xenix

Development status: Open

Platform size: 2

The birth of Apple Lisa has an interesting story behind it. When Steve Jobs and his colleagues were taking a stroll through Xerox PARC, a research and development center, all of a sudden they were subjected to see an advanced machine called the Alto which utilized a bitmapped graphical interface and a pointing device called a mouse. This sight inspired Jobs and his party to develop a unique platform, exclusively for Apple and thus gave birth to one of the first two commercial micro computer systems equipped with a graphical user interface. But the high price and frustrating slow speed resulted in the death of Apple Lisa.

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