Tata Communications Launches Video Conferencing Solution

Mumbai: Tata Communications today launched video conferencing application that can be accessed by up to 46 users for a common session across multiple devices, such as desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

"Lack of interoperability, consistency of experience per location, complicated price plans and the need for third-party reservations have stood in the way of global enterprise collaboration. Jamvee overcomes these barriers," Tata Communications president and CTO John Hayduk said in a statement.

The application will be available on paid basis for use of video conferencing service on Tata Communications network. It supports devices built on Windows, Apple's Mac operating system and iOS devices. The company is working to extend accessibility of the application in Google's Android platform by August. All the applications and services will be available on a paid basis on Tata Communications network.

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Source: PTI