Scientists Working To Develop Most Powerful Cyber Security

Melbourne: Australian scientists are working on Quantum mechanics which is being applied to computing in order to develop most powerful and impenetrable cyber security method ever conceived.

The team behind the new technology has been tasked with creating an impenetrable network for the Australian government, according to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation report.

The technique pioneered by a team of scientists in Sydney, is called quantum cryptography.

"One of the things you can do with the quantum computing is to expand the data security capabilities a country has," said Morello from University of New South Wales.

Traditionally, cryptography involves three main parties - a sender, the recipient and the eavesdropper or hacker.

Hackers at present are able to intercept communications without the sender or recipient knowing, Morello added.

But quantum cryptography will be able to prevent access by detecting hackers and destroying or altering messages as hackers try to obtain them.

"Anyone who attempts to eavesdrop the connection and essentially tap the data would destroy the data on the spot," he said.

The problem however is actually in making the computer, he said adding that to make a quantum chip a single phosphorous atom is introduced into a regular silicon chip.

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Source: PTI