Samsung to Provide Cloud Solutions to Mobile Devices

Samsung to Provide Cloud Solutions to Mobile Devices

Bangalore: Samsung on Wednesday announced that it is looking forward to host its own range of cloud services to increase the demand of its Android-based consumer smartphones and tablets to enterprises.

With the BYOD trend on the rise and more number of employees bringing their personal devices at work, the company is mulling of offering cloud services for enterprises to connect across the diversified devices with different OSes used at work said Dave Lowe, vice president of enterprise sales at Samsung Mobile, during a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone in New York reports IDG.

"When I talked about ... knitting together, stitching together devices, it's absolutely a direction we want to go -- creating cloud services," Lowe said.  

In addition he also said that since the interest in Android, Windows 8 and Windows mobile is mounting every passing day enterprises will eventually need to deploy cloud services either from Samsung or third parties so that data can be easily shared between devices and hence Samsung has targeted such areas to offer cloud solutions. The company offers a range of products that includes tablets, PCs, smartphones and thin terminals based on different hardware and OSes.

While the company has all plans to offer its own cloud based services, Lowe didn't say when such services would be deployed. Currently Samsung has teamed up with third parties to offer cloud services,

According to strategy analytics in the first quarter of 2012 Samsung was the world's largest smartphone seller worldwide followed by Apple. Samsung sold 44.5 million units in the quarter, while Apple sold 35.1 million units.

With RIM’s (Research In Motion) BlackBerry devices now losing the ground in smartphone sector a huge opportunity has opened up in the enterprise market for Samsung.

"We've got this growth in prosumer devices, and then you've got what's going on with Blackberry. Every enterprise is looking for an alternative to BlackBerry. There needs to be something that they can grab on to that is Blackberry-like," Lowe said.