SAP Shakes Up R&D Division, Vishal Sikka To Steer Operations

Bangalore: German software maker, SAP, announced their refurbished ideas for its management services, aimed at increasing their focus upon cloud computing, as the demand for this technology is on rise lately.

Apart from that, the company has also announced their most acclaimed board member, Vishal Sikka, will take over the whole grouping and all development activities from June 1. Also, SAP named another executive, Gerhard Oswald to take in-charge of their latest HANA Enterprise Cloud product.

Recently, SAP has been going through immense amount of pressure from their rivals such as IBM and Oracle has been hitting the decks so hard so as to meet the surging demand for cloud computing. The reason why everyone is going for cloud technology is because of its renowned global fact that cloud technology can assist enterprises to opt for network based software and storages, instead of highly priced bulky servers.

Coming back to SAP, Sikka is one of SAP’s top executive who also serves as the CTO for the organization. Meanwhile, Sikka’s new job at SAP is really going to be a tuff nut rather being easy. SAP has lately realized that their $7.7 billion acquisitions, Ariba and SuccessFactors has failed utterly in the cloud market, which now makes Sikka to do the boosting and the improvement upon SAP’s Asian sales; and well, frankly speaking, Sikka is the best man at hand who SAP can blindly trust.

With that said, lets also take a look at who Vishal Sikka is and the reasons that might have forced SAP to make this valiant move.

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