Reasons Why SMBs Should Switch to IPv6
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Reasons Why SMBs Should Switch to IPv6

By SiliconIndia   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: With the launch of IPV6 SMBs need to be aware that IPv6 is here, and make sure that their devices be it any future PC, mobile device, network infrastructure or other IT purchases are compatible with the next generation protocol. However, IPv4 will still thrive and be alive long enough before most organizations make a shift to IPv6 yet enterprises specially the SMBs need to be prepared to take the leap.

Below mentioned are 3 reasons why SMBs should switch to IPv6

1. Inevitability

In simple, all organizations need to accept the fact that in near future IPv6 will soon be the only option for adding new devices or hosts on the Internet. SMBs need to be prepared when the inevitable day comes when IPv4 is no longer supported and they can easily transition to IPv6. Embracing IPv6 sooner rather than later will allow SMBs to operate with the peace of mind that the extinction of IPv4 won’t impact their businesses.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: In coming years almost all enterprises will have to switch to IPv6.
Posted by:Rachita Droopy - 28 Jun, 2012