Rapid Rise In Malware In January-March Quarter: Mcafee

New Delhi: A rapid increase was seen in malicious software programmes, mainly those targeting users of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, in the January-March quarter this year, says a report.

The McAfee's Threat Report of January-March 2013 which was released today, added that global spam attacks have doubled during the quarter.

"There has been a steady rise in mobile malware and a rapid increase in general malware, including Facebook malware threat Koobface, AutoRun malware and stealth malware that attacks the master boot record (MBR)," the report said.

Worldwide spam, which makes a comeback after more than a year of decline, doubled during the quarter, it added.

McAfee Labs found almost three times as many samples of Koobface as were seen in the previous quarter, which is a high point for the social networking worm that targets Facebook, Twitter and other social networking service users, it said.

"After three years of stagnation, spam e-mail volume rose dramatically. One significant element behind this growth in North America was the return of pump and dump spam campaigns, which targeted would-be investors hoping to capitalise on all-time equity market highs." it added.

The McAfee Labs report showed a continued increase in Android malware, malicious web URLs and overall malware samples.

In India, McAfee said users were affected by an advance fee fraud facilitated by Android/Fakejoboffer.

Advance-fee fraud convinces people that they have won a prize and collecting this prize requires only a nominal fee. People lose this advance fee because the prize or item doesn't exist, it said.

In a similar manner, people receive 'Fakejoboffer' containing job interview letter, which says they have been selected for a job interview and they should pay for their travel expenses to get to the interview venue, it added.

The victims are told that they will be reimbursed for their ticket costs when they arrive at the (non-existent) interview venue, it added.

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Source: PTI