New Update of Windows 10 is Helpful for Businesses

BENGALURU: Recently, Microsoft unveiled a crucial update for Windows 10. The updates are mainly focused on providing software benefits to the end users during its scheduled launch next year. Now, Microsoft disclosed another major patch of Windows 10 having helpful features for the IT professionals. These features will help Microsoft in increasing their client base to more organizations. PCWorld reported about the new features that are helpful for the enterprises.

Most of the new features are mainly focused on device management, upgrade improvements, and security. The biggest beneficiary of the new update will be Advanced Threat Protection. The advanced security suite in Windows 10 is coming with extra detection, remediation, and threat detection tools. It will provide ability to look at the kernel and memory level exploits that was used by the most advanced malware. Administrators will get new analytics to know how the company is using the new OS.

Microsoft is joining hands with FireEye iSIGHT Threat Intelligence to display their information on the WDATP dashboard, so users can access information about Microsoft offerings. Additionally, IT administrators can create make a customised list of blocked behaviours and share it with other administrators. It will enable IT person to share the best of the security configurations for WDATP as they are sharing Group Policy settings. WDATP will enable IT folks to remotely isolate any unknown device in the network. Admins can block whole incoming and outgoing traffic except WDATP, which means they can defend any data exfilteration.

New update also supports mobile application management, so IT pros can authenticate users to access important documents from any other Windows 10 device. In case of any security breach, IT admins can lock down the protected files shared with the user. Companies will get a new tool to automate UEFI deployment. These updates are expected to be launched in the first half of 2017.

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