Meet Apple's 9 Eminent Security Rock Stars

Ivan Krstic, Core OS Security Architect

Year Joined: 2009

What he does at Apple:

Ivan Krstic is a systems security expert and architectural specialist on core security for Apple products. His job means that he should think all the possible ways in hacking, or in other words he should imagine exactly like a hacker. In his personal blog, Krstic explains "I enjoy breaking computers, but I really enjoy making computers hard to break.”


A former director of security architecture for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, Krstic, in his personal blog, describes himself as a “Linux Hipster” and a “big believer in open source.”

Shawn Geddis, Enterprise Security Consulting Engineer

Year Joined: 1998

What he does at Apple:

Geddis stands as a bridge between Apple’s enterprise salespeople and customers having security issues. Apart from this, he leads Apple's cooperative R&D agreement with the NSA (National Security Agency).


Geddis joined Apple as a senior systems engineer who worked with federal government and intelligence agencies. Prior to his job at Apple, Geddis worked as a systems engineer at DARPA.

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