Kaspersky Internet Security For Android Is Most Effective Mobile Protection

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BENGALURU: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android took first place in a test of Android security products conducted by PC Security Labs, an independent Chinese company. According to the test results published this November, Kaspersky Lab’s product successfully countered 99.959 percent of threats and returned zero false positives.

The testing was conducted on mobile devices running under Android (versions 4.x). In the study, samples of malware and legitimate applications were written on to the device’s SD card; after that, the tested security product was installed on the device and upgraded to its latest version. Then, the testers launched a scan feature if it was available in the security solution, or manually installed all the sample applications if the solution only supported automatic scanning. During testing, all correct malware detections and all false positives were recorded. This data was then used to calculate the final result.

All in all, 13 products from different vendors participated in the research. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android detected 2434 malicious samples out of 2435, and did not prevent the installation of any legitimate applications. Its closest rival was only able to correctly detect 2422 malicious applications (12 fewer), and it returned 2 false positives. As a result, Kaspersky Lab outstripped the runner-up by 0.693 points, having collected 99.959 points of 100 possible.

“Android is the most popular mobile operating system, which is why it is the most susceptible to cyber-attacks. As a result its users have an urgent need for quality protection which, at the same time, does not create inconvenience. The results of PC Security Labs’ tests show once again that Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is capable of ensuring maximum security levels and does not annoy the user with false positives that disrupt secure applications,” says Timur Biyachuyev, Anti-Malware Research Director at Kaspersky Lab.

Threats targeting Android devices have grown more diverse and intense in recent months. According to the recent Mobile cyber threats research conducted by Kaspersky Lab in cooperation with Interpol, users of Kaspersky Lab’s Android solutions faced over 3,400,000 threats over a 12 month period. 59% of them had the potential to steal money from users. The statistics clearly show that it is now vital to have reliable tools to ensure your Android device is secure.
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