Indian SMEs More Aggressive On Technology: SAP

Mumbai: Small and medium enterprises in India are more aggressive than their global counterparts in using technology to expand their operations overseas and driving efficiency and innovation within the organization, a study by technology firm SAP said.

Globally, about 80 per cent of SAP's more than 248,500 customers are SMEs.

According to a study conducted by Oxford Economics on behalf of SAP, 93 per cent of respondents from India said they have either completed or are in the process of making a significant business transformation.

The global average stood at about two-thirds of total respondents, a sign that SMEs understand the need to adapt to an increasingly global marketplace.

The study titled "SMEs: Equipped to Compete" was conducted with 2,100 executives from SMEs with revenues ranging between USD 20-750 million from 21 countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and South Africa across five industries like manufacturing, professional services, retail and consumer products.

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Source: PTI