Indian SMBs: Potential Market For Server And Desktop Virtualization

And the acceptance of virtualization is not only in the IT sector but has spread to the areas like pharmaceutical, telecom, banking etc. The only people who are condemning the adaptation of virtualization are those who have limited expertise and are averted towards adapting new spheres. The Indian virtualization can be divided into three phases:

1. First Phase: End users in an attempt to reduce their operational costs move some non-critical operations to the virtualized servers.
2. Second Phase: End users in an attempt to automate their process virtualize their core applications.
3. Third Phase: End users in an attempt to improve scalability and performance focus on self service.

The larger organizations fall under the category of second phase. The SMB’s are the first phase participants trying hard to make it to the second phase and launching several pilot projects. These pilot projects are luring marketers to arrange informational events for organizations so that they get to know the technology better.

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