Indian SMBs: Potential Market For Server And Desktop Virtualization

Bangalore: The research analyst company AMI has said that the virtualization market in India, though at its early stages, has tremendous growth opportunities. The areas across server, desktop and storage virtualization are expected to bloom in the coming years. It has been established that though only 5 to 10 percent of the servers in India have been virtualized, the market holds significant growth opportunities giving the credit to the small and medium enterprises (SMBs).

The study reveals that SMBs in India that comprise of less than a thousand employees are contributing nearly 30 percent share in the server virtualization sector and given the pace of the growth in the SMB sector, it is estimated that the figures will grow exponentially in the coming years. This growth can be credited to these businesses that understand the need of virtualization in order to improve their efficiencies. Shweta Baidya, senior research analyst at AMI told Information Week that what makes this industry special is the fact that businesses compete with each other as well as join hands to make sure they deliver the best to end users. This technology is being adopted in places where businesses are searching of ways to reduce overall costs, easy data recovery process and business continuity.


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