Indian Government Boots to 'Safe Mode' After Gmail And Hotmail Security Threats

"As much as 90 percent of government officials use private email (services) for official use... that's because their official email is not as stable or speedy," said Abraham, Executive Director of the Bangalore-based Centre for Internet and Society.

According to few media reports, NSA’s members can tiptoe into the Indian embassy in Washington and its UN office in New York and will be able to monitor and analyze millions of ordinary publics’ accounts across the globe.

Some of the prominent cyber security experts opine that brining millions aboard a centralized server makes hacker’s job easy.

More than 11,000 Indian websites were hacked or defaced between May and August this year, with a large number of attacks on the ".in" domain whose servers are in India, according Times of India reports.

Several people of the country envisages that the policy of India government would ultimately fade away for lack of concentration from ministers and bureaucrats, who  is part of the government department where heaps of staining files and papers are still a common scene.

"It's sad but most of these officials don't understand much about technology, so mastering email is something that is miles and miles away," said Vijay Mukhi, a Mumbai-based cyber security expert.

For better understanding of the new policy, the Information ministry is planning to conduct workshops for the employees about email security and its concerns.