Indian Government Boots to 'Safe Mode' After Gmail And Hotmail Security Threats

Bangalore: U.S. spying disclosures by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has  impelled India to start a novel "Email Policy of the Government of India" to make the government communication safe. The new policy will not affect the person who is outlining the rule and can use recurrently the hotmail and gmail, reports Times of India.  

Akin to several compeers in national capital, Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Information and Technology, who is using the free email service, has invited journalists across the city for the launch of his new private website.

Kapil refused to spill the beans on his usage of Hotmail when questions were raised to him by the journalists, but one of the senior bureaucrats in IT department agreed that it was Kapil’s decision to use Gmail because of its trouble-free nature.

The senior foreign ministry officials and the health ministry secretary are utilizing the possibilities of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo as an alternative of government accounts.

"We keep moving, get different designations, go different places and with that, our emails change. You lose contacts and important emails, which you don't need to worry about with a Gmail account," the bureaucrat told to AFP.

According to IT security expert Sunil Abraham, the use of private email service was perilous ever since the National Security Agency (NSA) American services had their servers in the U.S. and the National Security Agency started taping into the database systems.