India Questions U.S. Dominance Over Critical Internet Resources

"In the absence of an integrated and holistic global policy, States are adopting diverse and often contradictory national policies on new and emerging issues such as net neutrality, social networking sites, search engines, role of internet intermediaries and cyber-terrorism," he said.

The Deputy NSA said if fragmentation of the internet through disparate national level policies is to be avoided and the inherently global character of the internet is to be preserved, urgent action is needed to create an opportunity wherein these issues can be discussed in an open, transparent, democratic and participatory manner.

He said in the field of cyber security, India follows a mixed approach and exhaustive consultations take place with stakeholders, and the results thereof are factored into possible approaches that government might take.

"For example, the Government of India, in consultation with all stakeholders, has initiated a number of steps to enhance cyber security in the country.

"Every such step of Government to enhance cyber security is however conditioned by our commitment to drawing a balance between the immutable liberal democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and the imperatives of ensuring safety and security of our citizens which is the primary duty of any Government," he said.

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Source: PTI