India No. 4 On Global Phishing Attacks List

New Delhi: India, that has about 137 million Internet users, accounted for 8 per cent of the total phishing attack volume worldwide in April 2013, after the US, UK and South Africa, a report by IT storage solutions firm EMC said.

Phishing is a fraudulent practice of sending e-mails purporting to be from legitimate companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information.

The May 2013 Fraud Report, prepared by RSA, the security division of NYSE-listed EMC, added that in April, 26,902 such attacks were launched globally, marking a 10 per cent increase in attack volume from March this year.

The US, with 46 per cent of the total phishing volume targeted against it in April, remained the top country during the period. The UK accounted for 11 per cent of the attacks and South Africa with 9 per cent of attack volume.

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Source: PTI