IBM Customer Experience Lab Unveils New Social, Mobile and Big Data Innovations

Vibes is an enterprise software solution to help CMOs target consumers and communities that care about and participate in their industry. Individuals are identified by analyzing their interaction on social networks, and then cross-referenced with their purchase history with the company, or information about their interests based on other social networking activity. For example, a retailer can research past purchases of its Facebook fans to better determine what special offers to make to them. Several leading telecommunications providers in India are currently piloting Vibes to identify the right set of candidates for promoting specific products to increase penetration.

Social Media Event Tracker Tool (SMETT) leverages natural language processing, text mining technology and advanced analytics to comb through millions of public social network messages to derive meaningful insights. The tool was used recently by ABS CBN, a television news network in the Philippines, to analyze Twitter chatter in both English and the local language (Tagalog) about candidates in the country’s recent mid-term Senatorial elections. ABS CBN used the analysis, which filtered to them in near real-time, to generate new articles for their website as part of their election coverage. Retailers are also turning to SMETT to find out what people think about their products. The tool’s ability to quickly derive insight about numerous related topics in any language could help a retailer find out why a product is popular or improve its online customer service.

“Customers across the world are using innumerable channels – from social networks to online product review sites – to express their individual experience with products and services. This is fueling an explosion of data and driving a radical shift in how companies must engage with their customers to thrive and stay competitive,” Ramesh Gopinath, Director, IBM Research – India. “The innovations we are developing with clients in the Customer Experience Lab are enabling companies to transform their front office with speed and at scale, reshaping strategy, operations and offerings to attract, retain and exceed the expectations of an increasingly powerful customer.”

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