IBM Announces Optimisation Solution For Mining Industry

New Delhi: Software developer IBM announced optimisation solution 'Mine-to-Ship' to help mining firms increase resource usage and output and reduce cost of operations.

The US-based firm is targeting the natural resources industry, which is witnessing an increase in exploration activities in metals and oil and gas sectors.

The company's optimisation solution allows integrated mining companies to enhance their supply chain operations by optimising each supply chain component in a fully integrated schedule.

"While working with companies in this industry, we have seen an increasing need for maximising sustainable and value-based engagements," V Neelakantan, IBM ISA Industry Leader (Manufacturing and Natural Resources), said.

The limited supply of natural resources coupled with rising demand is a key driver for new technologies in this industry, and the scale of this industry is so vast that a fraction of a percentage improvement in any single area can yield benefit in billions of dollars, he added.

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Source: PTI