How CIOs Can Spark Innovation in IT?

Bangalore: The role of a CIO has just turned out from a walk in the park to a competitive role which involves social strategies, mobility and security as well. But how did this job get more competitive? To be clear, if your IT department needs some well brushed ideas for innovations, then your CIO is the answer. Every IT department looks upon their beloved CIOs for the ideas that can simply change the entire platform. The best example is late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. An absolute tech mastermind, he himself fostered Apple to various heights with his innovative ideas

So keeping that in mind here’s a list that features 3 ideal ways on how a CIO can shine in his IT department.

1. Ask and you shall receive:

The first and the foremost thing that a CIO should prioritize is his relationship with his fellow employees. It’s said that information technology means on how much a CIO talks with his fellow employees. Another reason for bad innovation is that you might be searching innovations in the wrong places. One of the major issues that an IT department faces is that the employees are given too little time to stand up and talk about the innovations needed in their department. So if you are a CIO, don’t simply be glued to your seats. Try taking the extra step where you need to clearly communicate with everyone in the IT department that you value their ideas and that you want them to suggest them.