H1-B Visa Reforms, A Dreadful Pain to Indian IT Companies

Bangalore: As speculations of a shaky relationship between India and U.S. tie rises, the planned service of America’s immigration system is causing pulsating waves of nervousness across the faces of Indian software service companies,, reports TOI.

If the U.S. decides to increase the pressure on Indian IT companies, according to analysts, India might opt for risky measures out of desperation. This really will worsen the whole issue as Indian IT sector is a vital zone, both in terms of revenue and value, for the nation.

Some unconfirmed reports states that the U.S comprehensive draft Immigration Bill, which was delayed on accounts of the Boston blasts, might contain rules and regulations that will be a hair-puller for Indian IT, making them more and more nervous since the track record of the Barack Obama administration and issues within U.S supports the particulars.

"Free movement of skilled professionals for temporary work is a trade-related matter and should not be linked to immigration. It is important that trade relations between India and the US align to the long-term strategic agenda that supports growth in both markets," said JS Satyanarayana, secretary, department of electronics and information technology, as quoted in TOI.

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