Fujitsu India Launches High Performance Computing Solutions

Mumbai: Buoyed by strong demand from sectors like education and manufacturing, Japanese IT giant Fujitsu today launched a new set of high performance computing solutions to help clients lower their costs and speed up innovation cycles. High performance computing (HPC) is use of supercomputers and parallel processing techniques for solving complex computational problems. These technologies are used to design and test products, research and analysis of data.

"There is a huge demand in the manufacturing sector, especially automotive, which is using HPC to design and test their products. HPC allows them to develop products faster and improve accelerated time-to-market," Fujitsu India head solutions Suresh Menon said.

"Fujitsu has had 40-50 HPC wins (deals) in India in the last two years, which shows how much potential HPC has and the focus we have (on HPC)," he added.

HPC deals range between $10,000 to as much as $2,00,000. There are some larger deals too, depending on the requirement. Other players with HPC offerings include HP and IBM.

"Education sector has seen a huge adoption of HPC. We have seen strong interest from institutes like IITs and have some of the IITs as our clients too," Menon said.

The company's other HPC clients are Maruti Suzuki and TVS Motors, among others.

Fujitsu's new HPC offerings include server, storage and middleware software.

"Fujitsu HPC Simplicity (a new suite of solutions) will bring faster, high-end computing within the reach of mid-size and growing companies for the first time," Fujitsu India CEO PallabTalukdar said.

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Source: PTI