Enterprise Software in 2013: 11 Predictions

Software all around:

"2013 will be the year everyone wants to be a software company," said analyst Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research. "Large hardware vendors and systems integrators will take advantage of the consumerization of IT trend and the cloud to consider delivering software-based solutions and IP to their market and competitors."

HP will make another big software buy:

Scratching your heads after this prediction- well it might happen this year. We know Hp’s blockbuster $10.3 billion acquisition of infrastructure software vendor Autonomy hasn't gone terribly well, particularly in the public relations department.

Although it might sound pretty gauche in HP again spending billions over another acquisition, but CEO Meg Whitman already has announced that 2013 will be HP’s ‘Year of Recoverance.’ So it’s better to keep your fingers crossed.


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