Employees In India Are Embracing BYOT, Even If Organizations Aren't: Forrester

Bangalore: The consumerization of IT in India is leading more people to use personal mobile devices, applications, and public cloud services for work, a trend that Forrester refers to as "bring your own technology" (BYOT). When employees use technology that the company doesn't control to access critical corporate data, the risk of exposing or losing that data skyrockets. As such, it's imperative that Indian organizations formalize BYOT policies to address these unprecedented risks.

Unfortunately, infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals in India struggle to address management's top three BYOT-related concerns: data security, return on investment, and business justification.

In a new Forrester report "Best Practices From Early BYOT Adopters In India", analyst Katyayan Gupta analyzed how nine early adopters of BYOT in India addressed these challenges. The report shares key findings and highlights three best practices that I&O professionals can adopt to build a successful BYOT business case for their organizations—Enforce Security On The Device, Application, Data, And Network Levels; Focus On Business Benefits And Reducing Upfront Investment; Change Your Approach From B2C To B2B2C.

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